Funeral, after state got involved, was still peaceful

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Funeral after state got involved

Peace although a bit early.


One thought on “Funeral, after state got involved, was still peaceful

  1. R.S.W.A.

    Only the facts:
    Only two locations for these events: my Parents’ home at 1524 Tumbleweed Dr. is the primary private home and driveway worthy of mention in this wholly unnecessary drama. R.S.W.A. showed up un-announced at 1524 around 10 a.m. on July 22, 2011. (Absolutely sure of the date as I “capsized” mentally the next day and gave up a 7 month struggle to say my dog and the date is on her urn.) Just one month prior she had dropped in and I, (Daughter) had shown up to serve dinner. The hall was dark and when R.S.W.A. emerged I was surprised to see her come forward from a fairly dark bedroom. My Father, “Mr. Smith”, was right behind her, frowning slightly but never to her face. I could tell he had not been expecting her. I frowned as well, only directly at her.

    Apparently the very next day R.S.W.A. “reported” elder abuse at the home entirely related not to the environment, to “hired” care, but simply based on my frown and aimed at me. Two officers came to 1524 that following day and spent 45 minutes speaking with Marion and myself. After leaving the one Officer, P, returned to inform us that they were to have not mentioned R.S.W.A.s name. For two months I did not mention to R.S.W.A. anything about what knowledge I had on this first 1524 police event.

    Two years prior, even though on very short notice, perhaps because no one else would help, I chose to accept the invitation to accompany R.S.W.A. on her boat along the east coast, as she “said” she would repay me for my airline ticket, and otherwise it would have been impractical as I was once again I was between jobs since leaving CA shortly after 9-11, to come to Colorado to care for my Parents. The boat ride was longer than first anticipated and R.S.W.A. even took a wrong turn while we drove back to CO adding 2 more hours of her mindless chatter and my trying to just be.

    On the boat, while docked, we met two gentlemen that I agreed to have dinner with because, according to R.S.W.A., “too much fresh shrimp in two days is no good for you” (she considers everyone to live on the level of her autistic son) and her refrigerator was broken. After spending some fairly formal time on his boat with one of the gentlemen, myself alone with hime, R.S.W.A. informed me he was an FBI agent protecting her, because she was a key witness in a court case in Washington DC. I noticed later that she was reading a detective mystery novel in her cabin on the boat, and believe she is delussional.

    So jump forward 2 years and R.S.W.A. arrives un-announced to 1525 and leads my Mr. Smith away. I am saying “R, where are you taking him?” Mind you he was 90 and later when I asked him why he just went he said “I thought she had something nice for your mother (S). I placed his cell phone around his neck, via a cord I placed on it months ago. Still R.S.W.A. would not tell me what was going on. ALL OF THIS TOOK PLACE AT 1524.

    They returned later with a third party, “Gene”, who was almost immediately guided past me, while I was curling my Mother’s hair with a curling iron, trying not to pull even one strand as she was way sensitive after 70 years on insulin and “finger pricks”.
    I realized R.S.W.A. had escorted Gene downstairs and joined them to hear her saying “. . . . and you could live here free if you would take care of the Smiths”. I agreed and mentioned that, although I am trying, the basement is in disrepair and all care is a “lot of work”. (My Father later said no way would he consider having a male move in to “help”. Also he had never met this gentleman before.)

    I was outside on the wheelchair ramp platform when R.S.W.A. exited 1525 and as she was going down the stairs past me, I leaned over and said “you really shouldn’t just led my Father off like that”. She turned and looking up at me sneared “I’m not the one the Police are watching”. I lost my composure and snagged about 5 hairs from the very middle of her head as she poked her nose in the air. She immediately called the police again and has been over un-invited three more times to my Parents house at 1524.

    R.S.W.A. is a self-appointed vigilante who has caused a fire-storm around 1524.
    (Presently researching how many times R.S.W.A. has abused the restraining order system
    in Colorado Springs, Colorado, TO SETTLE TINY DISAGREEMENTS.)

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