Kangaroo court

G.A.L. #1 with a crooked smile. Grandson says she has a scar, which daughter never noticed.

G.A.L. #1 with a crooked smile.

kruse_as_child   Family of legal beagles.

http://www.dvmen.org/dv-75.htm (read the first 3 paragraphs)

(“Smith” home is seized by courts due to lies and exaggerations of EVENTS WITHIN A FAMILY.)
No one needs to live forever . . . . . just until they, their family, and God agree.

(Probate lawyer did not allow daughter to speak, or she would have said this:)

On behalf of Mr Smith against “Beo” home care and “Optum” hospice care in Colorado Springs, CO

After 49 years the phone at 1524 was cut off. I would have forwarded it to the nursing home, along with his Comcast TV. I know the intentions are probably for the good in the minds of the involved “professionals”. Did you ask my Dad, at all, of his opinion? His rights should be paramount in you mind.

Statutes require that the court make the least restrictive appointment possible and limit the guardian’s or conservator’s level of authority based on the ward’s limitations. The guardian or conservator shall encourage the ward to participate in decisions, act on his own behalf, and develop or regain the capacity to manage his or her own affairs. You also had a court order to consult with the family.

Taking care of the elderly is all about details. (As is Civil Rights.)

I have documented or photographic proof of everything I say. The stance of Probate court , based on the necessity of perpetuating lies against the family to support a misdeameanor CSPD charge, should be unrelated to treatment of the “victim” (MRR). The court order said you were to consult with family. Most of you made consultation a threat to the family by purposely misconstruing who we are. I can forgive that because you were told extreme exagerations about me. The burden of proof is on Division F or D in Colorado Springs.

Please all, remember, the one prejudice that catches up to you is agism. (The detective involved may well be abandoned by his family, since he has victimized family caregivers, as if they are automatically criminals.)

I was overly protected as a child and I tried to do the same for my Parents. I moved away to San Francisco at age 20. My Father paid my rent 3 times in 7 years. I was sole support for myself and son Ethan from age 2 and 1/2. The economy, now, is the worst it has been in 75 years and now 61, I have had 9 short-term jobs in the past 11 years. Family caregivers save the government over four hundred seventy billion dollars a year in the U.S. alone.

Yes I had bad moments with caregivers, especially the one’s who gave in to their manipulation of my Dad’s good will. Many of them needed mothering, still in their 20’s and yet were combative with older females, like the teenagers they are. They were also reporting lies to their superiors, who encouraged spying. I have proof that one caregiver spelled out her name to Mr Smith for a $100 check from him and then later reported me as giving her too much direction, while others kept claiming I gave none. There was a checklist of daily and weekly requests provided.

Age, loss of hearing, and being of a polite generation, Mr Smith is disabled. JS (hidden), civil rights advocate for the disabled has informed me: The biggest problem at the very micro level is retaliation by providers and health care professionals who don’t like to give up control. Many professionals look at person-centered care with the attitude–let the client be part of the meeting and ask what they want, but don’t give them the background they need to make an intelligent, informed choice. If the client says too much about what they want, it often creates a conflict.

My experience was that most, not all, in-home health care agencies do not expect family members to participate. They are habituated to going into a home with a need to prove themselves to their “superior”. Mostly with minimum training or experience, young “caregivers” address the disabled/ elderly by their first names, and baby-sit, as if clients were less informed about their own needs than is the “caregiver”. (DAUGHTER can recount incidenses.)

Over the years DAUGHTER found and arranged for purchase of the wheel chair van off of eBay. Hired a carpenter to build the ramp. Finally figured out why the shower upstairs rained into DRV’s room in the basement, after 4 years of plumbers and draino.

“Dad (Mr Smith) and I (daughter) did a great job managing my Mother. APS stepped in once, by witness of a 20-year-old Brazillian CNA, trying to make points. Dad was reported for using a dirty insulin syringe needle and giving a wrong dosage. I defended him. “

After that my Mother’s care was in the hands of E, a fine agency, and myself. I got up at midnight to check her glucose reading and feed her if needed, nearly every night. We actually had some of our very finest moments late at night. Our final family meeting, at home, was at her bedside. I could always hear Dad get up to use the restroom, until I placed him on prostate tea.

“” worker “” accused me, from her near-sighted eyes, of slapping my Mother on her hip, near a location that had scars, yet no current, bed sores. It was also the first time she had seen Mom without clothing, which was quite shocking, even to my Dad. On hand was my son Ethan, while M from S”” Movers was leaving belongings from our combined move into the 1524 garage. Mrs Smith bruised very easily, especially during times we treated possible blood clots with aspirin. She had no bruises, except on her wrists from bumping her tray table. Beo abandoned their post, which is illegal.

Pre-emptive strikes seem to be honored in this culture, and self defense is not. RSWA. She kidnapped my Dad, walking right past me standing next to a baby in her mother’s arms. An hour later her car returned with my Dad and a young male she portended to have the right to hire, on my Parents’ behalf. She toured him past me and through the entire house. She hissed in my face “I have the police looking for you” and I admit I lost control that day. I precisely plucked about five hairs from the very top of her chlorine dried head. Ms RSWA started the line of hearsay that Beo finished.

Previously Rita and I spent two weeks on a boat and she talked incessantly. Even GAL Angela Kruse reported Ms. RSWA to be “dilussional”. Why are Mr. P and, much worse, Ms. B of adult protective is still quoting Ms. RSWA? Community leaders Father B of Sacred Heart, JT and MW consider Ms. RSWA to be dangerous. Dr. “” also considers Ms. RSWA intrusive and yet I would not quote him as he has suffered mentally and emotionally since his medical battle with septic shock in 2010. He lost his license 04/30/2013.

Despite RSWA’s flamboyant accusations, the only time I ever lost patience with my Mother was during feeding, which I circumvented by changing the menu to 2 protein shakes per day plus one gourmet pureed meal. Mrs Smith eagerly drank by herself. She was talking again on December 10th, 2013 (despite swallowing problems.) She was removed from her home. She was denied protein shakes. She died of a low blood sugar at Liberty Heights.


Now down to numbers: [Section 15-10-102(2)(d.1), C.R.S.].
Probation Court is “a speedy and efficient system for managing and protecting the estates of protected persons so that assets may be preserved for application to the needs of protected persons”.

The Act requires that when making guardian and conservator appointments, the courts make the least restrictive appointment possible (Sections 15-14-311 and 409, C.R.S.).

Has the court visitor report, by KS, been honored adequately? “When wards are not informed of their rights or the potential effect of a guardian or conservator appointment on their lives, they may not be fully prepared to advocate for themselves throughout the process, which may ultimately result in having their rights taken away” (Sections 15-14-305 and 15-14-406, C.R.S.)

In addition, the Act requires the courts to monitor the performance of most of the guardians or conservators whom they appoint to ensure that the guardians or conservators perform their duties in the best interest of the ward and in accordance with statute and court orders [Sections 15-14-317(3) and 15-14-420(4), C.R.S.] Why would the court not want to delegate this chore to a family appointee?

Statutes in need of examination in this case include. Protective proceedings. Sales, encumbrances, or transactions involving conflict of interest, (such as hiring a lawyer via the estate, against the estate) §15-14-423 Conservators. Audit by the state of Colorado within 6 months.

Being true to yourself, beyond your profession, is freedom.

G.A.L. #1 declared RSWA “dilussional” and then just continued to listen to all her myths and downstream lies, via caregivers and Adult Protective Services. http://blogs.gazette.com/crimeroundup/2013/06/


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