Summary by “Ms Smith” (Baby-Boomer Daughter) of Family Ruined by Probate Court System

As of 11/15/2014, after one year of exaggerated “discovery” from the D.A.’s office, another “felony” is added to charges against the Family Caregiver “Ms. Smith” for supposedly forging a check on her Father’s (victim’s) bank account. She was jailed for one night, and then threatened with further incarceration, plus scheduled for additional court time.

Meanwhile NO CHECK ever surfaced as material evidence. Description: #00011, signed with Ms. Smith’s signature and yet felony charged as “forgery”, No name on “to” line, cOiNcIdEnTaLly landed on Father’s account after closure and supposedly got partially paid–four dollars short–for the huge sum of $18.69.

Continued (from most recent at top) (9 months/updated 08/26/2014) click: Villains?  (music to read by)

08-27-2014 The battle continues, like a melodrama, as D.A. office appointee, S.B., struggles in her unsophisticated way, to mend the ridiculous bundle of “evidence” handed her by highly unprofessional conservator, LW, and her rude and manipulative lawyer (paid for by the estate to protect the conservator from family complaints–what a system!!!), LVP. She requests records of meal-delivery services, cell phone records (ruled out by Judge) and a hand-writing expert. She is still “banking” on ATM withdrawals (never accessed by the accused) and the falsified (or poorly analyzed) reports from past caregivers. These “care” givers felt underpaid and begged tips . . . . thus the $100s in ATM withdrawals by the “victim” of the “defendant”, Ms. “Smith”.

Ms. Smith is not alone: Happening all over the world


Music: “Villainous Treachery” Kevin MacLeod (
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07-01-20014, seven months after the beginning of this dramatic misunderstanding, and comical injustice, the criminal lawyer sees clearly. Miss Smith suffers from the fact that she was unable to protect her father from the probate courts. He came to this realization without any pressure from Miss Smith whatsoever. What he did receive from Miss Smith was a big hug. Ms “Smith” (daughter) is threatened with imprisonment, based upon false and exaggerated “testimony against her” . The nearly-retired Detective ordered a DNA mouth swab, without a court order. (Playing with technological toys.) Password for “protected pages” is 142857142857  (SUMMARY:) As of March 19, 2014, Mr. “Smith’s” estate has been billed $32,000! There is much more to it. Need more time to reflect. ALL OF THIS HELPED LEAD TO THE PROBATE COURT TAKING “DAD SMITH’S” HOUSE, DESPITE NO DEBT, $ retirement in place, NO MEDICAID, AND SKILLED/WILLING FAMILY TO HELP. This story is just one more about the machinery existing between “Care” agencies, Probate court, and “Professional” Conservators and Guardians. (Link to further stories: ) Caregivers, who coerced $100s from “Dad Smith” in tips, should have been fired “on the spot”. Instead they ganged up against daughter lead by a delusional “friend” of Parents, Ms. RSWA. They sited daughter for “abuse”, and that case was dismissed, yet they then filed restraining orders against daughter (due to dillusions of Ms. RSWA) to cover up their tip coercions. (Ms RSWA is without purpose in life and is known for her intrusive behavior throughout her church community, neighborhood and politically.) The courts make assumptions.THESE ARE THE UNTRUTHS WITH WHICH THEY JUSTIFY COURT ABUSE 1) Daughter “neglected her ‘at risk’ parents” 2) Daughter took financial advantage of her parents (WHICH KEEPS GROWING in $) 3) TRUTH IS Daughter has documented proof against both charges (yet Parents removed from home without state proving their case.) 4) “Professionals” assumed the opposite of facts BASED UPON HEARSAY. 5) Daughter has proof of her presence in home for 3 years prior EVERY DAY. 6) COLORADO IS A NON-OBLIGATIONAL FAMILIAL CARE STATE. DAUGHTER criminal “neglect” case (THE MACHINERY UPON WHICH THE COURT BASES JUSTIFICATION FOR ROBBING THE ELDERLY OF THEIR INDEPENDENCE): 1) LIES AND EXAGGERATIONS reported by 20-yr-old “caregivers” 2) hasn’t even made it to court 3) denies my input to “Dad Smith’s” future GRANDSON, Ethan, applied for Guardianship 1) The courts have thus far IGNORED that. 2) Perhaps there is another step to the process 3) like questioning the state Guardian appointment and the courts rights 4) There is a FORM to fill out for everything, in the court system 5) The Probate lawyer that the daughter hired kept her from presenting any arguments or FILLING OUT APPROPRIATE FORMS to request guardianship for Grandson. 6) Thus the “selling” of the house was “okayed” by the courts, with the next hearing to be 12 months later Our probate lawyer did not help much at all. He acknowledged the system’s weaknesses. My list of witnesses he ignored, as did he my charts of proof: 1) Daughter’s bank account for the past two years, with daughter owing parents $1,600 2) Absolute proof of presence in the home by daughter at late night hours (details of which are secret until criminal case goes to deposition or full jury trial). Daughter says: “I have nothing to hide. I had to first hire a probate lawyer, because I was remiss to go into a court room without a lawyer. Then I had to hire a criminal lawyer because I was cited for neglect (even though it was only a 3-week stretch, that there were, perhaps 12 nights, that I was not in their home ALL night. I did have them on a nanny cam overnight and checked her blood sugar every night about 9:30 making sure she was high enough, in glucose. to make it till morning. “Then I was sighted for harrassment due to raising my voice to my Dad, whom is quite hard of hearing. The next thing was financial abuse and I have records of my expendetures for them, from my account, as my Dad lost his credit card 4 times (and $400 cash) and I had to transfer money from their account to mine to pay for groceries, meds and incidentals. “They are even claiming I wrote checks from his account, which was to pay the caregivers and agencies, to myself. This is what they are basing the Probate case on, before my criminal case has even come to trial. They took the last hours of transitioning to death for my Mother, into a facility that finally allowed her glucose level to drop low enough to end her life, without the comfort of morphine or any palliative care, and without spiritual support, save for family, as we were there 6 hours a day. (It was a beautiful crystalline winter day . . . . . yet my Mother did not get to see that.) “Truly we have been an average family. (I am now spending time researching a lady who managed to start all this strife. RSWA)” IT CAN HAPPEN HERE: Universal Newspaper article


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