Mr Smith robbed of home, history, and dignity

Ms Smith’sĀ Father wanted to return to his home. Not saying he was still a genius. At 93 he knew there were military items to protect in his home . . . . which the courts stole from him based on false accusations of Adult Protective Services employee, FB. Charges were brought against Ms Smith. An additional legal hour of counsel did suggest that belongings were in storage somewhere, placed by the conservator. Perhaps there was hope for recovering historical military items, and great-grandfather’s antiques desk and trunk, antique Japanese doll collection, belonging to Ms. Smith for 45 years. Mostly, perhaps, there was still hope of recovering 400-year-old Japanese sword, given to Mr. Smith (“protected party”) by a neighbor, while family lived in Japan, 1956. How conservator could legally remove such family-valued items is impossible to understand. They were never recovered. Conservator, LW, and her attorney (paid by Smith estate to protect LW from the family) LVP, were VERY clever, sly, and connivingĀ in their legalized thievery.

Meanwhile, a similar case had to be moved to federal court:

Isolated from family memories.

Isolated from family memories.


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