Mainly Remember to Never Answer any Questions / Maranda / Guardian ad Litem is sending you to court!

The most frightening detail is that the “officials” and “professionals” of the system are not out to support families, not even the actual “client” of the G.A.L. and in fact the G.A.L. will not give family caregivers ANY credit. One’s only protection is complete silence. Do not hand over any family records. Do not trust  any “professional”, “social worker”, or “official” (including police) to be seeking the truth of the situation. Their job is to hold down the family, helpless to assist the “client” (elderly family member you have cared for), and take all assets, collect lies and false allegations, so as to dissolve all family ties and take the assets FOR THEMSELVES, via over-priced fees.

ORDER AN AUDIT FROM THE STATE or at least demand withheld reports. File a complaint against the Magistrate, for not watching out for the client, not training the “professionals” and destroying the bonds between family members to the point of ruination.$FILE/1774%20ProbateCases%20Perf%20Contr%20Sept%202006.pdf

Smiths posted this question and received this especially dissatisfying answer tooooooo late:

How does one request a state audit of a probate court case?
Without financial need by the “ward of the state”, the official professionals have convinced the magistrate that the home needed to be sold. They are selling it a price $70,000 below market price.
  1. Christopher Daniel Leroi

    Business Attorney – Greenwood Village, CO

    Lawyers agree

    Answered about a month ago. There is no “state audit.” If the magistrate ordered the sale, then you have 10 days to ask the district court judge review the magistrate’s order. Otherwise, there is a provision for you to challenge as to whether the personal representative is breaching their fiduciary duties. However, the state does not get involved in these civil matters.
    (Smith comment: These “officials” are using the power of the state against families by instilling extreme fear, using false allegations of theft. They are demanding that family members have more than just POA. The courts demand that a signed contract between the elder and family exist stating whether or not any monies can be spent by and on family members. As elder needs increase family member may not be able to hold down job. Get the government out of our private homes!)

    Further email to answer

    You answered on Avvo saying that I made no sense. Please consider doing a little research, as our senior citizen’s and their families are being robbed. Of course this may be especially true in military populations, where the elder is a retired officer and does not relinquish control until the state comes in and kidnaps him/her into assisted living, draining assets until they are eventually on Medicaid. Professionals also practice Involuntary Redistribution of Assets, using false criminal accusations against family caregivers. They take multiple fees for every email, phone call, and even un-necessary “duty” for the elder.,d.aWw   


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