Supposed restraining order enforced for 8 weeks and looting of daughter’s property

This absolute saddest part of this story is what happened to family. Daughter was denied seeing her father. Finally, “Mr. Smith” decided that surely his daughter was in the hospital after a car accident. When “Ms. Smith” heard this from a third party, she said please let him believe that. “Tell him I am getting the best medical care I have received for years and that I will visit absolutely as soon as I can.”

Meanwhile the daughter’s belongings are warehoused outside of her jurisdiction or knowledge. Even though court granted 30 days, conservator and conservator’s agent “””informed””” daughter she had to allow THEIR movers to remove the belongings. Also, 8 weeks after an imposed restraining order, finally daughter is allowed to see her father. She had researched and found no restraining order, yet her own lawyer (Lawyer #2) only cooperated in finding out about the lack of a restraining order when G.A.L. #2 was complained to, by daughter and he engaged attention of Lawyer #2.
In answer to daughter’s objections to timing on her first Mother’s day without her own mother coinciding with her brother’s Birthday, 20 years since passing, conservator sent out this email:

Oh my!  Now she will have a fit because the court won’t hear this.  She just doesn’t get it!
What does Sunday being Mother’s Day and her dead brother’s birthday have anything to do with anything???

Meanwhile the house is sold for $35,000 below market value.
Daughter had emailed this to the “broker expert” G.A.L. #2:
(He still took his sweet time sending documents as proof a realtor was consulted on the listing price.):
You do realize: The furnace is 3 years old. The home has like-new hardwood floors throughout the first floor, covered by carpet for 49 years, good except 2 spots ruined by water from pet and elder urine. That there is no mold anywhere, except minimally in a temporary porch roof skylight. That the foundation is solid. Roof solid, except for two small tiles. That the corner lot is oversized. The alley is asphalt. That the trees are 30 years old and established (one of which was saved by a family member by watering for a month even while courts were interfering, 11/2013). There is a house-wide built in vacuum system. That medical centers are within .25 miles. It has a $23,000 ham radio antenna system. And it has a sprinkler system with 7 zones. Repairs include removing broken freezer (that really only needs a new seal) and repair garage door, plus paint.

Also: Daughter had four estimates for roof repairs. 7 months after seizure of the home hail storms compromised the roof and the hallway walls collapsed.


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